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Member Spotlight Winsome Wong Shue

Written by Magdaline Delany, 5 years ago, 0 Comments

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Winsome Hortense Wong Shue is a Jamaican-­American businesswoman and fashion designer. She was born in Jamaica, West Indies and migrated to New York City in 1973. She later married Mario B. Wong Shue, an Engineer, and together they have four children and one grandson.

Winsome demonstrates great qualities in fashion designing and entrepreneurship. She is currently working on a project focused on an inspirational sock line. She has a passion for expressing her creativity and empowering others with motivational quotes. Winsome primarily references her mother as being an inspirational figure in her entrepreneurial endeavors. Her mother was a seamstress and fashion designer who created wedding gowns and formal dresses in Jamaica and expanded her business in the United States.

Although Winsome has previous experience in elementary school teaching, elder patient nursing and retail, her passion lies in the fashion industry and entrepreneurship. She plans on being a successful entrepreneur and a great inspiration to others. She will make great efforts to convey her passion, creativity and motivational quotes through her sock company and by being a zealous member of WEPN.