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Spotlight- Victoria Scandale

Written by Magdaline Delany, 7 years ago, 0 Comments

"Victoria Scandale is a designer influenced by intriguing Eastern Europe and France, where she improved her passion for fashion and style. She made her debut in Milan with her first Autumn Winter Collection based on ​​decisive cuts and linear forms, which create a total look with strong personality, geometric lines, circles, triangles and trapezoids intersect each other creating discrete volumes with selected and refined fabrics. Coats with important collars, rich and soft rouches, skirts that highlight the waist, slim fit jackets, see-through blouses and provocative cuts on long and graceful dresses. Victoria Scandale devotes great attention to detail, quality, and accuracy to the materials used in the execution of each item, never losing irony and femininity." - by Marzia Lazzaroni's article, Milan 2013.

The history of Victoria Scandale family tree takes its roots in bucket of European nations from Estonian and Polish origins to French and Russian. When Victoria was asked how she found herself pursuing fashion as her life path, she goes back to an almost comical event when Victoria's class teacher noticed that little Victoria was only interested in drawing houses and when proposed to switch to draw a few dolls, Victoria agreed and with the same enthusiasm she ventured into drawing dolls and giving them fancy outfits. Victoria was only five but she is still on the same route up until these days .Victoria later finished the art school while agreeing with her grandmother to teach her to saw. However, her higher education is in economics that she successfully competed with her university ... We could say that probably the history lost potentially the greatest architect :).
In the last few years Victoria spent in her travels and work as a private production designer, living between a few countries (the most of the time was spent in France, Italy and the United States) until she decided to launch her brand.

Brand conception:
A high-class elegant clothing line with high end clientele. It is a new version of a feminine, classic style fitted to our modern society with fabrics like leather and chiffon. Led by Designer Victoria Scandale whose vision is to create a chic, and extraordinary original, yet very elegant collection of clothing. Victoria knows how to create a cohesive brand identity.

Positioning Statement:
A women’s brand of uncompromising style and quality that speaks to the affluent, sophisticated customer who enjoys fashion with an edge.
Brand Values:
Independent spirit, quality, elegant, strong, fearless, original, collectable
Brand's target clientele are independent women who enjoy iconic, quality fashion that fulfills their desire to be unique & stylish and elegant. This target market has a heightened sense of individualism. They enjoy both exclusivity and luxury. It is important for them to express their own style and they appreciate well crafted items and quality materials. They buy the pieces that speak to them.

Check the gallery for some of her work