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Jessica Robinson, a Houston native, started her modeling career in New York City while studying Public Relations at NYU. Additionally, she studied Trend Forecasting at Parsons in Paris. Jessica leveraged her education and opened a fashion showroom in the Garment District of New York City.  Her business focused on developing emerging and international designers through Public Relations and Brand Awareness.  She successfully promoted client’s designs and businesses by securing red carpet and television appearances as well as magazine and editorial placement.

After living for seven years in New York City, Jessica Robinson moved back to her hometown of Houston, Texas.  In late August 2019,  she opened “ Miss Robinson Fashion House,“ a women’s Fashion “House” in Rice Village, offering women a selection of carefully curated ready-to-wear fashion.  She leveraged her passion for style, fashion and experiences from her travels, to provide her clients a unique experience that include in-house photo shoots, themed events, collaborations and fashion shows.

Jessica passionately spoke about “Miss Robinson Fashion House” during

EPN:  What motivated you to open such a unique “Fashion House“ for women?

Jessica:  I wanted to create a store that I could relate to and be a loyal customer of. Everyone who knows me knows that I travel a lot.  Because of that, I always used to find myself dedicating a huge part of my travel time running around to find different places to look good and feel my best during trips. This didn’t even include the time it took me to get my blowouts, nails, lashes and of course- perfect outfits.  I was sick of rushing to appointments, being either too late or too early in the midsts of driving around town to get everything done. It was extremely stressful!

One day, I just envisioned my ideal shopping experience and that’s where the idea hit me. It was to create a place that is a one stop shop to get all my glamour done in just one appointment.

EPN:  Why “Fashion House”?

Jessica:  You see, there’s a secret about me which most people find as a shock... I’m not that great at styling! I am amazing at picking out statement pieces, but putting looks together and re-editing looks is an art that I do not possess. We all need help at some point and this is also why I wanted a place where it’s not just a retail store.... This is why I don’t like to call my fashion house a “boutique ''. I want my customers to come in get a glass of nice champagne handed right when they walk in  and have looks pulled and ready in the fitting room.

EPN: Tell us about the customer experience

Jessica:  I don’t want them to just walk around and look at clothes and have them figure it out on their own. I want my customers to have a full on experience by creating a place where we have a stylist help them pick looks head-to-toe for whatever their venture is and not just individual pieces. This is so important because most of the time customers don’t see what a stylist sees and the stylist knows the inventory.

EPN:  How do you select your inventory?

Jessica:  So as you may have figured out by now, I am very passionate about traveling to different cities throughout the world, scouting for new designers and vendors. This helps me pick out the statement pieces from major brands while keeping it affordable and providing customers with the Louis Vuitton VIP experience without them having to break the bank.

EPN: Everyone loves a bargain.  You are known for providing women with great quality fashion for reasonable prices.  Tell our readers about your bargains.

Jessica:  Everything in my store is under $100 and I price it as what I would pay for if I was to purchase the piece myself. Sometimes I have my manager mark the prices and then I’ll go in and mark them down because I know as a consumer I wouldn’t want to  pay more than a certain price. My inspiration for this was a store I fell in love with in New York. The clothes were beautiful and everything was in the $30 price range which was perfect being a collage student in the city. The only downfall that I saw was the store’s aesthetic. Boxed fans on the floor, concrete walls, so I wanted to create something similar but aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.

EPN:  What are your future plans for MRFH?

Jessica:  Another phase of my business plan is where members get monthly looks for rent with our membership program. With social media these days most girls want a look but don’t want to repeat an outfit so I want to cater to that market without having returns. I will also have photoshoot backdrop so you can get the perfect Instagram picture. The goal is for me to have multiple locations so that when our members are traveling, they can just go to the nearest location to get their hair and make up along with curated outfits. They would barely have to pack luggage! Members will be able to book a photoshoot and get styled plus hair and make up. This will also help build portfolios for aspiring models at the Fashion House.  I have many different ideas for this vision and different phases of building this business and brand. That’s why I call it a Fashion House and not a boutique.

EPN:  Every successful business has a Team dedicated to its success.  How do you keep your employees motivated?

Jessica:  I love my team.  I want all my employees to grow and achieve their goals just like I did. I ask each of them what their dream is and I help them them achieve their goals. Most of them want to do something in fashion design or PR so I am happy to help with internal projects. There’s so much more to the Fashion House than just selling clothes so I make sure each girl gets growth and use this as a stepping stone to achieve what they want, not just a retail job, more like a career.

EPN:  Congratulations on your successful NYFW 2020 participation.  Do you plan on future NYFW participation?

Jessica:  Absolutely!  I will be in EPN Future shows along with a pop up shop. I plan on also doing future pop up shops and events nationally and internationally.

EPN:  What advice do you have for young girls and other women who are interested in opening a fashion business?

Jessica:  I‘ve been lost and not confident in myself in the past. I questioned myself whether or not I could ever build a fashion company or do what I am doing today, but it’s how that saying goes “Do what you love and you will never work a day In your life.” I can relate to that 100 percent. The 10 hour shifts at my shop and the other hours in the day thinking and planning on my next move for the brand never drags slow, it flies by because I am completely in love with what I do.