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An EPN Exclusive Interview
With Shirley Gencarelli, Founder of “The Fabulous Horse”

Written by Magdaline Delany, 5 years ago, 0 Comments
IMG_9569In this Issue, EPN interviews Shirley Gencarelli, creator of "The Fabulous Horse", an online equestrian fashion store catering to equestrian enthusiasts. At a very young age, Shirley Gencarelli fell in love with horses. Her school books were decorated with endless sketches of horses. Shirley expressed how surprised she was that her teacher never yelled at her for her obsession with horses through her academic work. Growing up, Shirley's favorite hobby was going on "horsey trail rides". It did not take long for Shirley to desire her own horse. Through her online search for a "dude ranch" to visit, Shirley ended up at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Georgia with an abundance of horses to ride. During one of her visits, she encountered a beautiful 4 year old young black mare, Black Satin Treasure.facebook_1453148339491


According to Shirley her initial experience was amazing:  "After taking her for a practice run, she was very well behaved...I kept visiting her in her paddock every evening while I stayed there. I fell in love and ended up taking her home!"

After acquiring her horse, Shirley had to add Equestrian fashion to her existing wardrobe. According to Shirley:  "Being a fashion lover, the equestrian fashion world was a whole new addition to my present style. Equestrian fashion, as we know, has been around for a while and is here to stay."

Shirley fell in love with the equestrian Fashion line, which prompted the creation of 'The Fabulous Horse'. Satin, her horse from Georgia, was her inspiration for this entrepreneurial venture.

What keeps you motivated?

My business is my baby. I want to see it grow and become successful. I want to see my goals for the Fabulous Horse come to fruition. My husband, family, and friends keep me motivated as well. They are in my cheering section!

What is your leadership style?

I am a relaxed leader who pays attention to details. I believe in getting things done in a calm manner, providing the right direction from afar (or not barking orders). As for customers, they love when I provide input and that personal touch. I believe in treating my workers fairly but demanding productivity and results.

Tell us some of the obstacles you encountered as you worked to take Fabulous Horse to where it is now?

Well, the back-end of an online store is not as glamorous as what the consumer sees! I just like to make it look glamorous regardless of the obstacles such as: 

1. Never over-order your own products the first year in business 

2. Hire professionals, not friends, to help create your business ie. marketers, web developers

3.When traveling always book your hotel early.

What are your goals for Fabulous Horse? Where do you see your business in 5 years?

I want the Fabulous Horse to offer men's, children's, and original designs. Build my clientele to include some of the famous equestrians and of course continue to be a successful online boutique style store.