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Around Town: Interiors

Written by Rimmaa Doubinskaia, 5 years ago, 0 Comments


Having a home office is about more than just function and convenience. Whether you’re in a small apartment or a sprawling penthouse, a home office presents a great opportunity to put a tasteful, personal touch on what might otherwise be a forgotten room in the house. Here are a few sources of inspiration and trends if you’re looking for a fun way to bring the office home.


1. Modular Shelves


(Photo courtesy

Are too many books, journals and files cluttering the office space? Go vertical! This homeowner mixed creativity with adventure, purchasing these modular shelves from Spain and stacking them sky high. Constructed of thin, folded steel, when propped on a light-colored wall, the modules make the books appear as though they are floating. *Bungee chord not included.

For more home office inspiration, visit Zillow here.


2. The Cloffice


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Of course, many of us New Yorkers aren’t lucky enough to have an entire room to turn into a home office. But even if the only extra space you have is a spare closet, that alone can be turned into an inventive workspace. Check out how one New Yorker did just that on Apartment Therapy.


3. Table for Two

Modern interior.

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Chic and sleek, this office features a glass-top desk and a modern desk chair that’s easy on the back. The light gray paint compliments the darker finished floor, and the simple cubbyhole shelving allows for creative decorating. The minimalist design and equipment—note the two tiny, robotic-looking desk lights in the center—optimizes space and productivity, as two can work on this sectional desk.

For more inspiration on home office design, visit Home Stratosphere here.


4. Treehouse Office!


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Okay, so this one is perhaps a stretch for most of us New Yorkers, but for those of you already dreaming of getting away to your summer home on the Hamptons or Upstate this summer, how about a home office in the trees? Because treehouses don’t have to only be for playtime, over on, you can check out how one nature lover turned theirs into a home office with a view.


5. Bussing It


(Photo courtesy

Here’s one last idea for those rare individuals who work from home, yet really miss their commute. A Hungarian homeowner procured a portion of a bus cabin to create a most interesting room divider. It’s unclear whether the bus was a local or an express, but the homeowner inserted a desk, chair, and mini lamp, and then connected their laptop to wifi to create a home office Ralph Kramden could truly appreciate. We’d love to see a New York City bus cabin, or maybe an old checker cab, get the same treatment. Febreeze the seat first, and maybe the Metrocard machine can be turned into a printer!

For more photos and details about this homeoffice, visit Decoration of Home here.


Written By:  Rimma Doubinskaia