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Marco Soriano

Written by Hubert Delany, 6 years ago, 0 Comments

MARCO ANTONIO SORIANO  (born November 7th, 1980), simply known as Marco A. Soriano  @sorianoCEO, is an American Polyglot Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist Enthusiast, Singer and Composer, Writer, Footballer, Polo Rider, Adjunct Instructor University Level and Expert Business Television Commentator in Fox News Channel, CNN, CNNespañol, UniVision, RBC TV, RTC, Wall Street Journal, RP Journal, and EPN of NY Magazine to-date. Soriano started his career with a 18 months private assignment with the World Bank Group’s External Affairs team both in Washington DC and New York City under the supervision of World Known Economist Ian Andrew Goldin and Eduardo Augusto Doryan Garrón, which helped turn him into one of the biggest youngest most influential minds in global business and entrepreneurial approach in Latin America, Europe and in the United States. By the turn of the millennium, he had made a successful global number of signature multi-billion USD deals while working then at Goldman Sachs

Soriano started to lecture from his early days while he was an Honor Student and President of the International Scholar Society of Phi Theta Kappa. His teachings as a tutor to his peers, become later on his founding steps to become a high level teacher at various programs within New York University, Fordham University, CUNY Bernard Baruch’s Department of Economy and Finance and Zicklin Business School

He has received several academic and professional honors over the years such as Excellence of Presidency at Phi Theta Kappa, his indoctrination into the Zeta Society. Soriano held a number of key offices within the Student Government Body of New York University

Soriano’s vocational strong global upbringing with the Jesuits and Salesians gives him the moral values needed for wisdom and humanity in today’s societies. His ideals are to serve the public interest of the people at one point of his life and work with others to make better decisions in doing so.

Soriano is working in publishing two books in 2015-2016 based on a novel he started writing on November of 2005. The novel has been called “Shadows of my life” translated in three languages (Spanish, Italian & English); while his second book is more a technical business approach titled “Global Entrepreneurial Strategies in the 21st century”.

Soriano is acclaimed by the public audience not only because of his business, literary, sports & musical qualities, but also because of the variety of genres and languages, and the ability to successfully create numerous successful networks, start-ups, and global economy viewpoint even after 20 years since he started his career.

He started The Soriano Consulting Group Limited Liability Company   @sorianoGRP in New York State in early 2010, which became the consortium to various families’ offices to finance start-up companies as Venture Capitalist by Private Equity Structure dealing. His expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions and unique technological knowledge in today’s current digital forensic and cyber security matters, gives him the edge needed to seek out the opportunities with high returns and low risks. His advisors are senior level executives with proven records, that allow him to also get the knowledge and guidance to other industries including but not limited to: Telecommunications, Transportation, Commodities and Real State. Such company, TSCG has successfully launched great new companies, built new infrastructural projects, and given new jobs.

In summary, The Soriano Group’s practices focuses on providing M&As advisory, fairness and solvency opinion, private placement and restructuring dealing strategies to leading middle markets and publicly listed companies. The firm has developed its expertise through extensive network and work with portfolio companies of private equity funds, closely held companies and publicly traded companies from Nasdaq and Standard & Poor’s 500 fortune.

TSCG’s dealings are most noticeably globally in the agricultural, consumer goods, government contracting consultancies, energy, real state, cutting edge technology, telecommunications and transportation industries.

Soriano himself is responsible of engaging the board advisory board, board finance, audit, and investment committees around issues, cultural business trends, and changes in the operating business models and operational delivery. He also assist in establishing yearly objectives and meeting agendas, and selecting and engaging outside expert consultants (auditors as the IRS ,FINRA , SEC ,other investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity funds).

He plays a key role in developing and executing the global strategic vision for all existing and new ventures including start-ups and their seed or bridge financing stages. All this exposure has made Mr. Soriano an expert in emerging markets, highly regarded financial professional in today’s challenging markets’ needs. His signature deals include but are not limited to: (1) Fiat-Chrysler (4.3 billion USD) in 2009 and then advised on their spin-off of its capital goods’ activities into Fiat industrial (18 billion USD) in 2011 ; (2) SONY/ATV Music Publishing in 2007, SONY/ATV acquired the Famous Music Company from Viacom’s paramount pictures for 400 million USD. The Famous Music Catalogue includes 125,000 songs, which are owned by SONY Corporation and the State of Michael Jackson; (3) Pfizer on its acquisition of Wyeth (65 billion USD) in 2009; and (4) GVT on its sale to Telecomunicaçoes de Saõ Paolo and Vivendi (7 billion USD) in Brazil.

In addition and philanthropically speaking, The Soriano Family history and roots dates back to medieval times in Italy, where they had initiated one of the most remarkable projects to augment the tourism and awareness of the Soriano Town in northern Lazio where its people constantly greets and awards them with gratitude and pride in its municipality known as and called Viterbo.

Mr. Soriano’s favorite quote is “Invest for a better future, for we are all globally responsible”.