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in Slovakia

Written by ingrid Gregus, 6 years ago, 0 Comments

 By Ingrid Gregus

We love Christmas in Slovakia! It is one the most important holidays in the whole year.  Decorations, lights, the smell of pine and beautiful atmosphere you can feel from people around are just FANTASTIC!

My mom and I adore decorating our house. We start with Advent wreath, consisting of four candles. We light up the first one the first week then additional one every week  until the fourth one on Christmas Eve (which takes place on December 24th in Slovakia).

Here comes the Christmas tree!  Our tree is amazing and it is usually done few days before the holiday starts.

Christmas Day is a typical Slovakian one. All families are back home together, chatting, watching Christmas movies and just enjoying a sweet relaxing day.  Mom usually prepares delicious appetizers and desserts, giving the entire house a warm sweet aroma.
Christmas dinner is usually served around 5PM.  The feast consists of fish, potato salad and mushroom soup. My father gives a `Walnut` present to each corner in our dining room.   It is an old tradition to wish a wealthy year for the family. He cuts an apple in half, to see if our family is awaiting a year full of good luck and good health. We then Christmas Tree and presents. Our family is Catholic, so we all attend Midnight Mass or Day Mass the following day.

Christmas Time is always a big fun for us!  A very important time to be together with family and friends!