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Written by Imelda Tjahja, 6 years ago, 0 Comments

By:  Imelda Tjahja

Indonesia is the biggest Muslim population in the world, 90% of its population is Muslim and the rest are divided into several religions.

However, in December, as a democratic country, we, the Christians, can celebrate our Christmas freely and the other religions are very supportive because they also love to feel the warmth of the Season.

Christmas decorations are displayed everywhere, in shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Most Christian families also put the Christmas tree up in their houses.   They also sing Christmas carols

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Christians go to church for Christmas mass and service. After that, they celebrate the festivities by cooking at home or they go out to the restaurant for a big family
lunch or dinner.

For active church members, there is a charity moment where the church celebrates Christmas at orphanages, hospitals, prisons, or elderly houses to spread the love and festivities of Christmas.

For Christian families in Indonesia, Christmas is more like Thanksgiving in the United States where family members gather and celebrate the Holiday Season together.