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My Magical
Memories of a Polish Christmas

Written by Ewelina Taszniec, 6 years ago, 0 Comments

By: EwelinaTaszyniec
My Magical Memories of Christmas

My childhood memories of Christmas were always magical. The magic came from all wonderful Polish traditions; always a white Christmas, the aroma of family recipes and the family gathering  together. Christmas Eve dinner always started when the first star appeared in the sky.

Christmas lights are seen as people walk along Royal Route at Old Town in Warsaw
As a little girl it was my responsibility to spot the first star. I remember sitting for a very long time staring  at the sky with my nose touching the cold window. When setting the table for dinner it was important to put out extra plate in case an unexpected guest arrived. It also symbolized family members that passed away as well as a way of welcoming baby Jesus into the house.  We always placed a bundle of hay under the white tablecloth to symbolize the fact that Jesus was born in a manger.
Our Polish dinner table always consisted of a twelve course meal without meat. The number of dishes represented the months of the year and the twelve apostles.
I remember my mom making pierogis (Polish dumplings) and placing a small coin into just one. Traditionally, whoever  found  the coin would be rich and have luck for the entire year.
I would compete  with my sister and cousins to find the coin first. That was our Christmas competition.
Happy Holidays!