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Written by Magdaline Delany, 6 years ago, 0 Comments


Monica Joshi is quite an impeccable Female Entrepreneur.   She is the founder at Back in the Game in Manhattan, and founder/Co-President of BackRx, a spine center in her native country India.    Monica Joshi earned her degree in Physical Therapy in 1985 from the University of Bombay, India . She is the co-author of a booklet on physical therapy post botox injections for Cervical Dystonia. She regularly consults with members of the medical staff at NYU, Hospital for Special Surgery, Columbia Presbyterian, and Lenox Hill Hospitals in New York City. She also served for four years as a clinical instructor in physical therapy techniques at the College of Staten Island in New York.

EPN had an opportunity to interview Monica ~ She is quite an Inspiration

EPN ~  What inspired you to become a Physical Therapist?

Monica Joshi ~ I missed getting into medicine by one mark  and knew I wanted to stay within the sciences. Dentistry, Pharmacy or Engineering did not appeal to me as I am a people person. I loved my first day at PT school and now 29 years later, I still love it! Sometimes its not a major inspiration that puts you on the right path!

EPN ~ How do you balance your personal life as a woman, motherhood and running your business?

M ~ It was not easy.. I am a single parent and was responsible for my 2 kids since 1997. I barely slept, didn't have time to socialize and spent every second I got with my kids. My kids would stay awake until I came home so we could talk for a few minutes about our days.  Weekends were our bonding times where we did things together like apple picking or go karting. Having my own business did give me some flexibility with time to attend their school activities.

EPN ~ How would you describe your leadership style?

M ~ I tend to be a democratic leader. I have a small practice and depend on the input of my staff greatly.  I find that I am great delegator. Through our close communications, I am able to figure people's strengths and appropriate the tasks.

EPN ~ What do you want your lasting legacy to be?

M ~ I want my legacy to be simple: A strong woman who raised two beautiful children, helped people manage their pain and hopefully, one day, created a way for autistic children to receive similar care, and having an amazing time while doing it.  That's all I want.

EPN ~ Do you have a history of entrepreneurship in your family?

M ~ My aunt is a doctor and has a successful practice in India. My maternal grandmother ( who had no formal education) had a sowing school in her home for 200 young girls and was my inspiration about how to juggle work and home! My paternal grandmother was savvy enough ( without a formal  education) to buy an apartment in the most expensive place in Mumbai,  which later on quadrupled in its value.

EPN ~ So tell us, what keeps you motivated?

M~  I am motivated every  time  I am able to help my patients and they are grateful for it.

EPN ~ Having said that, what was the biggest risk that you have taken on your journey?

M ~ The biggest calculated risk was to give up a well paying job and start my own practice. I had a mortgage and 2 kids to feed but planning for 2 years before I took the leap and having faith in my ability proved to be the best professional decision.

EPN ~ What is the most important advice you can give a young entrepreneur looking to start a Physical Therapy business?

M ~ Business planning , location and knowing the wants of patients are  most crucial.


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