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The ROCKS, Inc.
40th Annual Spring Gala and Awards Ceremony

Written by COL. Conrado B. Morgan, 7 years ago, 0 Comments

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The “Stars and The Cadets”


$26,000 Awarded in Scholarships to 23 Cadets from around the USA!

Lieutenant Colonel Clydea Pritchard-Brown and Major Kim McGhee, Co-Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) for the 40th Annual Spring Gala and Awards Ceremony did an outstanding job as MCs. This was a special evening because it was in celebration of the 40th Anniversary for The ROCKS, Inc. and the Washington D.C. Chapter of The ROCKS, Inc. The Spring Gala was Co-Hosted by The National Board of The ROCKS, Inc. and The Washington, D.C. Chapter of The ROCKS, Inc. The host for the evening was Brigadier General (Retired) Earl Simms, Chairman, The ROCKS, Inc. The evening began in true military style with the presentations of colors by the Washington, D.C. Chapter President and Chairman for the 40th Annual Spring Gala, Colonel Conrado Morgan and the Joint Service Color Guard. Following the presentation of colors, Lieutenant Cyldellia Pritchard-Allen provided a stirring rendition of the National Anthem followed by Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Ernest Jones’s moving invocation.

The highlights of the evening was hearing comments from General Dennis Via, Commanding General, Army Materiel Command; General Vincent K. Brooks, Commanding General, United States Army Pacific Command after he received the ROCK of the Year Award; Lieutenant General Patricia D. Horoho, The Surgeon General and Commander, United States Army Medical Command after she received the Honorary Rock of the Year Award.  Lieutenant General Horoho stated that is was an honor to receive the Honorary ROCK of the Year Award and that she understand that mentoring is a key element in making the United States Army work. Lieutenant General Horoho was presented the Honorary ROCK of the Year Award by Brigadier General (Retired) Clara Adams-Ender and Brigadier General (Retired) Earl Simms.

The majority of the evening was dedicated to awarding thousands of dollars in academic scholarships to college bound high school seniors and currently enrolled college students to assist them in realizing their dreams of completing college.  Additionally, the numerous accomplishments of ROCKS chapters and individual members around the world were recognized and awarded.  The cadet creed was lead by the Howard Bison and the three gold star mothers (Mr. Charlton and Mrs. Janice Chance, Mr. Kenmore and Mrs. Michelle Murphy, Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Vicki Perez) were given letters of thank you from Senator Ben Cardin from the state of Maryland by Washington, D.C. Chapter’s President.


In addition, Brigadier General Roscoe “ROCK” Cartwright’s family (Mrs. Tracey Cartwright-Johnson, Mrs. Bridget Cartwright Jones,

Mrs. Verda Cartwright and Mr. Roscoe Cartwright, III), Mrs. Carol Robinson, the wife of General Roscoe Robinson, Mrs. Phyllis Honor, the wife of Lieutenant Edward Honor and Mrs. Ann Burke, the wife of Colonel Robert “Bobby” Burke were recognized for their support over the last forty years.


Brigadier General (Retired) George Price, Colonel (Retired) Frank Francois, Colonel (Retired) Clarence Miller and Colonel (Retired) Harry Townsend represented the originating and chartered members.  Colonel (Retired) Frank Francois gave an excellent history synopsis for the ROCKS from1974 to 2014.

The 40th Anniversary medallion was flown in from Korea and the glasses from Fort Leavenworth in honor of Brigadier Cartwright. He served at both of these duty stations. The evening concluded with many cadets and junior officers having a unique opportunity to chat and socialize with a wide variety of senior officers and others in attendance.  Enjoy the photos in this edition and check out the full set of Gala photos at (Photo Page List).

Special Honorees



Mrs. Tracey Cartwright-Johnson, Mrs. Bridget Cartwright Jones,

 Mrs. Verda Cartwright and Mr. Roscoe Cartwright, III and

 Brigadier General Earl Simms (Retired (R), Chairman



Mrs. Carol Robinson and Brigadier General (R) Earl Simms, Chairman



Mrs. Ann Burke and Brigadier General (R) Earl Simms, Chairman

Washington, D.C. Chapter



The Chairman of the 40th Annual Spring Gala

and President, Washington, DC. Chapter

presents Howard University Cadet  Nia D. Farmer with a Scholarship



Three Gold Star Mothers

Mr. Charlton and Mrs. Janice Chance, Mr. Kenmore and

Mrs. Michelle Murphy, Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Vicki Perez


Brigadier General (R) George Price (Originating and Charted member),

COL (P) Richard Dix and the Cadets from Virginia Military Institutes

ROCKs of the Year Award Winners!


 General Vincent K. Brooks


Major General Gwen Bingham


Colonel Tony Polk, USA, Retired


Colonel Chuck Hamilton


Honorary ROCK of the Year Award Winner!



Lieutenant General Patricia D. Horoho


Colonel Robert “Bobby” Burke Award Winners!



Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Berry, Jr.



Lieutenant Colonel Clydea Prichard-Brown



Major Natasha Clark

The Chairman’s Awards Winners!


National Board of The ROCKS, Inc.

BG Clara Adams-Ender USA (Ret.)

MG Byron Bagby USA (Ret.)

COL Austin Bell USA (Ret.)

Mrs. Sharene Cook

COL Anita Dixon USA

COL Dorene Hurt USA (Ret.)


Aloha, Hawaii

CPT Samatha Agee

CPT Eric C. Littlejohn USA


Fort Bragg, SC (All American Chapter)

CPT Jason E. Tolbert USA


Fort Leavenworth, KS (Buffalo Chapter)

MAJ Brian L. Adamson USA

MAJ James Crenshaw USA

MAJ Gennelle Lee USA


Washington, D.C. Chapter

LTC Shawn Hawkins USA

MAJ Kimberley McGhee USA

CPT Mark Preston USA


Fort Campbell, KY (Screaming Eagles Chapter)

MAJ Jacqueline Lewis USA


Fort Stewart, GA (Marne Chapter)

MAJ Roger M. Cabiness USA

1LT Jessica E. Main USA

MAJ Christopher M. Wells USA


Hampton Roads, VA

MG Frank Batts USA (Ret.)

CPT Laquisha Douglas USA

MAJ Charlotte Hazelwood USA (Ret.)


Seoul, Korea (Morning Calm Chapter)

COL Alfred E. Francis USA

LTC Glenda A. Gill USA

CPT Daviada M. Harris USA


San Antonio, TX (Sam Houston Chapter)

Ms. Jade Fulce


Kandahar, PENTAD ROCKS (Interest Group)

1LT Tie She’ L. Chavis USA


Bagram, Afghanistan (Interest Group)

MAJ Natasha S. Clarke USA

LTC Andre A. Golden USA




Colonel (Retired) Frank Francois, Historian and

 Chartered and Originating Member with

Lieutenant General (Retried) Artur Gregg



Cadets reciting the Cadet’s Creed



“The Medallion” 


About COL. Conrado B. Morgan

Colonel Conrado B. Morgan is the Deputy Director of the U.S. Army's Center of Military History. An officer for over 31 years, Col. Morgan is an expert in logistics and operations. He is a recipient of the Defense Superior Service Medal for his work at the National Defense University as the Operations Officer, the Legion of Merit, and the Bronze Star for command in combat.