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Entrepreneur On The Move: Katarina Novakova

Written by Magdaline Delany, 7 years ago, 0 Comments

She is Smart! Beautiful! and Innovative! Born in Slovakia, Katarina is a multi-functional woman. Her projects span from Marketing, PR, Event coordination, Real estate and philantropy. As a humanitarian, Katarina actively supports various charitable causes. She organizes various social events that raise awareness and funds for charities that are close to her heart: amfAR, St Jude Research Hospital, Icla Da Silva Foundation, Children of Chernobyl, Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation.

Katarina is considered a great leader in the Slovakian Community, facilitating many business and philanthropic opportunities here in the United States and abroad. In her own words, Katarina aims to do her part in "creating a better world for all of us and for the future generations to come. "

Katarina has spearheaded several global initiatives, including the addition of Blue Horizon Foundation's new stem cell treatment clinic in Bratislava, Slovakia. In September 2013, the Slovak Ministry of Health issued BHI a historical groundbreaking license to perform adipose-based stem cell treatments in the region. BHI Slovakia provides stem cell treatments to both children and adults. Procedures utilize revolutionary technology and treat a number of conditions and diseases including Alzheimer’s, anti-aging, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, back pain, brain trauma, cerebral palsy, diabetes, infertility, neurological diseases and symptoms associated with strokes.

On March 7, 2014, Katarina was honored at The Society of Foreign Consuls in New York Award Ceremony for Women Leaders in their Communities. The event took place at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland and was followed by a reception.


The Society annually celebrates the commitment of women throughout the many immigrant communities in New York that help to give this city its vibrancy and contribute to its diversity. The Society proudly acknowledged the accomplishments and contributions of Katarina to her community.

During a recent interview with EPN co-founder Maggie Delany, Katarina expressed that she is currently working on several new exciting initiatives and ventures that she will soon be unveiling.