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For the past fourteen years, Quogue resident Jane Pontarelli, an avid golfer, has chaired the "Play for P.I.N.K." Golf Tournament fundraiser at The Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club in Westhampton. Pontarelli, is the ideal candidate for such a charity as she is this big as life, tell-it-like-it-is woman.

It was only fourteen years ago she took to the greens with her husband , a construction and real estate executive, who as a kid was a caddy and a golfer himself... "I loved it immediately," Jane Pontarelli exclaimed in a voice like an opera singer, rich in octaves and emotion. "And I said to my husband, 'I'm going to have a golf tournament for cancer. He said, 'You know nothing about golfing.' I told him...I know,
'but you do and you're going to help me.' He said okay."

"I used golf to raise money for breast cancer and its made golf more important to me,

Ironically, in 1999 Pontarelli was herself diagnosed with breast cancer. "Cancer wasn't in my vocabulary. There was no history in my family on either side. And then I got it. Nobody is immune to it. To some women there life is over---their fiancé or husband leaves them. Never mind what the chemo does making you infertile. I've seen lives makes you want to work harder," the outgoing powerhouse said.

Celebrating her fourteenth tournament, Pontarelli  founded P.I.N.K. Golf Tournament at Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club. "The tournament is special to me because I created a camaraderie and awareness at my club, and women love to play in it. It's a scene---I make it a party," Pontarelli muses with a wide smile and a belt of delightful laughter.  Thursday, June 13th2013 the outing is on.

Pontarelli is no stranger to philanthrophy, she has chaired, and co-chaired several big events, and raised much needed funds: The Child Developing Center of the Hamptons, Mothers Voices, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, Jane  has received several awards recognizing her work: in 2004 "The Woman Who Makes A Difference" award was presented to her by The Little Flower Children Services of New York, and 2005 "The Star Award" from The Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County. In 2006 Jane was honored by the Organization RSVP , which rescues animals in the Hamptons.

Born and raised in New York, Pontarelli holds an undergraduate and graduate degrees from Marymount Manhattan College and NYU.. We have over 200 clubs across America, in 26 states holding Play for Pink events, for Golf, Shopping, Bridge, Canasta, Tennis Swimming and Dinner Dancers..

Since 1996, with approximately 20,000 participants, P.I.N.K. has raised over $30,000,000 million dollars for breast cancer research. Pontarelli has been in the past, elected ladies golf chairperson at Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach County. And sits on the Advisory Board's of The Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and was the previous President of the New York City Women's Group, which benefits Little Flower Children Services of New
York.  Jane is on the executive board of Play For Pink as well.

Helping underprivileged children is also a cause that's dear to her heart. "Kids need so much," she explained. Pontarelli became involved with the Little Flower charities 22 years ago, because of Monsignor John Fagan. "I was inspired by him. He said, 'You don't have to be a mother to take care of children.' I was impressed by the work they do for families in crises..

Pontarelli strongly advises to do your research before handing over any donations. She recommends visiting the web site Charity Navigator before you write a check. "Ask a lot of questions as if you're buying a car," she recommends. "When in doubt go to the web site and find out how they rank as charities. Do they do what they're suppose to be doing with the money to help the causes? They should be fiscally responsible. And only a fraction should be going to administration costs."

The Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Research Foundation receives 100 percent of the proceeds from Play for P.I.N.K. They support the research of nearly a dozen distinguished doctors working around the country on Cancer Research by using a portion of the $34,000,000 raised just this year. Lauder nor Pontarelli take a salary, but many charity directors do so, some earning as much as $500,000 a year. Charity isn't meant to be a lucrative business like corporate America.

In 2001, Pontarelli and her white Maltese, (the late) "Lulu", became the society editors of, "The Palm Beach Pet Society" which is a who's who of the pet world. For several years they heped produce a glossy coffee table book of pets dressed in couture or dripping in jewels from Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels or Chopard, riding in a Porsche with D & G sunglasses, or around the pool in their birthday suits. Throughout the pages, pet lovers pay homage to the beautiful creatures that share their bed, or lick their cone. While others mourning the furry faces that have gone onto the doggy camp in the sky. Pontarelli expanded its circulation by bringing it to the Hamptons and NYC. All the proceeds from the sale of the book go to local pet charities.

Several years ago, I went back to work full time, Dottie Herman had convinced me to join Douglas Elliman, in Manhattan. Since then I have appeared on the successful Show  “Million Dollar Listing, last season and season 2 speaking role.. She has also appeared, speaking roles on Fashion Hunters, with Michael Tonello, and Jersey Couture with Leesa Rowland..Currently Pontarelli is developing new projects for TV.. In the past with her famous Lulu she has been on Good Morning America, Fox and friends and The Ricki Lake Show where her and Lulu were featured…
Pontarelli champions three types of charities; "Children, because they're the beginning of life and our future. Cancer, because it's a tragic part of life and that's what's killing us. And animals because they make you happy.".  "LuLu greatly enhanced my life---my dog made me famous."
, 'I did a job and did it well.'