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Artist Spotlight: Cimon

Written by Magdaline Delany, 7 years ago, 0 Comments

Meet Cimon

Cimon Closeup

BUG ship shoe

 ARTWORK shown: (left to right) "Love Bug" "Love at Sea" "High Heels"


Cimon is an artist in every sense of the word. With a history in both the commercial and

fine arts.  He is forever originating and innovating, all the while reinventing himself with

new focuses. Today, the Australian native lends the majority of his time to his sculptures.

His first sculpture series, titled “Little Love Stories”, presented under the CIMON®

brand, is a romantic, breathtakingly beautiful yet intimate endeavor comprised of

sculptures built with LEGO® bricks, re-skinned in various metallic finishes and intricately

embellished with Swarovski® crystals.


Arriving on the New York art scene as a painter, Cimon is best known for a style of work

he calls “Colour Therapy.” This method is defined by the application of color to large

canvasses by using dimension, depth and texture.  This helps convey a range of powerful emotions.

“My paintings present a strong sense of color, an awareness that I developed while

growing up in the lush suburbs of Sydney,” he explains.


Cimon's works have become coveted items to collectors around the globe in private

collections spanning five continents. He has been featured by hundreds of blogs,

publications and websites. Cimon is best known for two striking works of art: The

sculpture, “Love, Paris,” a LEGO® motorcycle decorated with pink Swarovski® crystals

that was commissioned for Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday.  He is also in collaboration with

Chantecaille Beauté.  This is a collectors’ edition of crystallized fragrance bottles.


Some bullet points regarding Cimon:


-Cimon has collectors on five continents with the majority of clientele to be those

in the financial and legal services.

-Only celeb collector whose name we can mention publicly is Paris Hilton. Others

have subjected us to confidentiality.

-Cimon has held a number of shows and exhibitions in NYC, including a sold out

show of portraiture paintings.

-Cimon has only shown the sculptures privately in NYC. The Swarovski®

-Crystallized holiday window would be the first public exhibition for these pieces.




This will be the first time that these four sculptures by Cimon have been exhibited

publicly in New York. These sculptures have been referred to as the modern version of

Fabergé eggs.



“Love Bug”


Width x



38.1 38.1

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most recognized cars around the world.

Cimon’s Love Bug takes a LEGO® VW Beetle and reimagines it by giving its exterior

a shiny silver finish and covering it in clear crystals from top to bottom. When one

takes The Love Bug’s top off, it transforms the car into a convertible where the viewer

discovers a precious cargo of red Swarovski® crystal hearts.

Descriptions of “Love Bug”:

-Hundreds of red and clear crystals in different shapes.

-First time exhibited publicly in NYC.


"Love at Sea"


Width x



A tall, shiny silver galleon evokes the romantic moods of a lost time when heroic sailors

battled swashbuckling pirates. A viewer can almost hear the sound of the waves lapping

against the hull. This LEGO® galleon, decorated mostly in clear and blue Swarovski®

crystals on the top and bottom decks.  It also has an ornately decorated square gallery at the

stern off the captain's cabin. Look for the young maiden standing near the commodore

who surveys the waters as she proceeds along her voyage

Descriptions of “Love at Sea”:

-Features thousands of clear and blue (various shades) crystals.

-Crystals have a nautical theme (starfish, fish, etc.).

-First time exhibited publicly in NYC.


"Love Comes Around"


Width x



Sounds of a country festival play as this LEGO® carousel comes to life. The horses

and carriages carrying mini-fig children move up and down as they glide on this merry-

go-round. Additional mini-fig children queue on the grassy land waiting for a ride on

this bejeweled, marvelous wonder. Swarovski® crystals of different colors and shapes

glisten in the light as this piece moves and the horses come alive.

Description of “Love Comes Around”:

-The carousel moves and plays music.

-Features over a thousand Swarovski® crystals of different shapes, colors and

sizes, including premium pieces.

-First time exhibited publicly in NYC.


"The Silver Steam"


44 inches (1.12 meters) long by 5 inches (12.7 cm) tall and 3 inches (7.6 cm) wide.

The Silver Steam is a one-of-a-kind crystallized holiday train for adults and children

alike, intricately embellished with Swarovski® crystals. Cimon has transformed this

LEGO® train into a moving sculpture, metalizing and decorating the train to give it

a unique look. The Silver Steam includes the engine, two passenger carriages with

mini-fig passengers and one holiday freight carriage filled with gifts and holiday trees

made from LEGO® bricks. The Silver Steam has been featured on hundreds of luxury

websites and blogs around the world, including le blog luxe, deluxe,,

Luxury Launches, The Rich Times and Born Rich.

Descriptions of “Silver Steam”:

-The train is battery operated and runs on LEGO® tracks.

-Features several hundred Swarovski® crystals of different shapes, colors and


-First time exhibited in NYC.


"High Heels" (Silver)


Width x



Height (of each heel)

7 inches

17.78 cm

Not all shoes are made for walking, as this pair of High Heels (Silver) by Cimon. A

pair of women’s pumps made of LEGO® bricks and Swarovski® crystals bring together

couture and fun.

Descriptions of “High Heels”(silver):

-Features hundreds of Swarovski® crystals.

-First time exhibited in NYC.




... "Little Love Stories"


"Protect it with all your heart."


"an artistic masterpiece."


"There is a way to show your love, in Lego, and just to make it more profound,

there are those expensive crystals from Swarovski embedded on the treat."  ... "Love, Paris"


Paris Hilton's "favorite present" for her 30th birthday. Paper magazine


... "Love to the Rescue" (a sculpture donated for auction to benefit Gabrielle's Angel



"When incredible art is combined with benevolent contribution efforts the result is

always creative genius, like . . . 'Love to the Rescue.'"




"made to sail the faux seven seas in all of its [sic] Swarovski glittery glory."


"the world's most expensive LEGO structure."


The work suggests "that love and compassion will ever be a part of the human

soul." "Bling like Blow!"


... Cimon's collaboration with Chantecaille, the preeminent luxury brand for advanced

skin care and beautifying cosmetics


"dazzling...The bottles are extraordinary."


"Exclusive and luxurious."


"Imagine holding a bouquet of crystallized flowers and never having to let

go, well, the Chantecaille Cimon collaboration gives you just that. . . . [It] will,

most definitely, be your most coveted bottle." "Audaciously





"Exclusive and luxurious, these bottles are the creations of the renowned artist

Cimon." Bergdorf Goodman "Holding a bottle is like holding a bouquet of crystal



 "Love Comes Around"


 "The Silver Steam"