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Written by Anita Soto, 8 years ago, 0 Comments

 Best of the Best

By: Anita Soto

All Entrepreneurs need the right essentials in order to be more efficient and maximize their work flow.   This month, EPN Team member Anita Soto brings  you the Top 15  cool gadgets  on  that are worth your investment.


Nest learning thermostat, $249 (

The Nest thermostat learns the temps you like, turns itself down when you're away, and has

remote control through Wi-Fi.



Parrot Zik by Philippe Starck wireless headphones, $400

The most advanced headphones



Parrot Zikmu by Philippe Starck wireless stereo speakers, $1,599

The stylish Zikmu offers impressive sound clarity a step above the usual stereo system



BeoPlay A3 by Bang & Olufsen iPad speaker, $549

The BeoPlay A3 is a luxurious, minimal appliance, suitable for use "in the summerhouse, on

the boat, or in the bedroom



Valextra logo-stitched iPad clutch, $310


Electronics Beach Case

This transparent case lets you type on your gadgets while keeping them safe from surf and sand.
$38 for beach set |
Earbuds Engineered For Athletes.


After years of breaking earbuds during his workouts, LeBron James teamed up with Dr. Dre in creating Powerbeats earphones: the only earphones designed to deliver premium sound on the court, in the gym, or on the streets. $149.95


D'E-Light, $199 |
This revolutionary Philippe Starck—designed table lamp also provides docking for your iPhone or iPad.


You need never waste your time focusing before taking a photo again, thanks to the innovative Lytro camera. Enough data is recorded in each photo to allow the focus to be decided after the fact. Edit photos on a PC or upload directly to Facebook or Twitter and let your friends choose the focus and depth of field they want.$399


CamOne Infinity
The Infinity kit comes with everything needed to mount the camera to your bike, helmet or windscreen, so the only thing you need add is the adventurous spirit. There’s even a dive box for scuba divers to capture every moment spent 20,000 leagues under the sea. Video capture can be set to 1080p, 720p or 480p, with up to 90 minutes of recording time. Interchangeable lenses allow you to capture 127- or 170-degree fields, with 142- and 96-degree lenses on the way. $250


Buhel Speakgoggle G33 Intercom
Mobile communication is achieved via Bluetooth connectivity, with auto-answer allowing complete hands-free operation using bone conduction to pick up speech. Plug in your headphones and the Speakgoggle also streams music directly from your mobile phone or compatible device. $TBA


Handpresso Auto
Just add water and your preferred coffee pod to the Handpresso Auto, and moments later the 16-bar pump pours out the perfect espresso. With the right power supply you could also enjoy the Handpresso when roughing it in the great outdoors. $189


Qlocktwo W
The Qlocktwo W is no ordinary wristwatch. The time is displayed in actual words. Illuminated by an LED-lit 110-letter grid. A must for those who like to read the time, literally.$699


The self-adhesive ‘caps’ attach to the finger of any glove you care to adorn, to have you swiping and typing in no time, and won’t leave you fumbling with a stylus or with one cold hand, or while golfing. $TBA


Mini Portable Projector
$329.99  Get the big picture from a mini device.Small enough to fit in your pocket -- half the size of an iPhone.