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Why Be
So Concerned with your Appearance?

Written by Liz Lew, 7 years ago, 0 Comments

Impression Management In Business


Why be so concerned with your appearance?

 By:  Liz Lew, Personal Style Trainer at “Turn Up Your Style”®


  •  Your Credibility: The level of believability, trustworthiness and competence.
  •  Your Likeability: How friendly, easy to get along with and approachable you are.
  •  Your Personal Attractiveness: Are you making the most of your physical attributes?
  •  Your Confidence: How self-assured and confident you appear to be.




Professional dress has three main levels followed by lower levels of casual dress. Professionals learn quickly when and how to coordinate the right appearance. If in doubt, step up a level.




Men's Hierarchy of Dress



Selecting Appropriate Tie Patterns

Ties need to be assessed for their suitability. Not all ties convey a professional image: dramatic, knit and character ties when teamed with a business suit have the potential to undermine your professionalism.

Business Patterns -- Paisley, solid, geometric, diagonal stripe, pin spot, hounds tooth, diamond or crest.


Everything You Wear, Say and Do Should:

  • Be appropriate to the situation, circumstances, climate, people in attendance, your physical appearance and the job at hand.
  • Enhance who you are as a person - both the physical person and your fine character.