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Written by Joelle Bailey, 9 years ago, 0 Comments

Tech+Etiquette +Courtesy  = “Netiquette" stands for "Internet Etiquette"

We live in an age where our cell phones/iPad are practically an appendage – we just can’t seem to live without them.
Netiquette is a term derived from the words "Internet Etiquette” or “Network Etiquette" which describes the use of proper manners and behavior online. We still have trouble with basic etiquette/manners in person, now, we have to deal with the internet as well. Internet Etiquette should be used in all areas of electronic means including texting, facebook, twitter, emails, IM’s, blogging and so on and of course attending your holiday parties.

Since everyone is a major CEO in their own mind, if you need to check your phones, do it between when you are heading out or to the restroom.

First off, no matter how interesting you may think you are, no one wants to hear your conversation in the first place, take personal conversations outside (or in a different room)–If you must take or make a call during a social setting, step outside or into another room, so that colleagues aren’t forced to overhear your call. Forcing everyone to hear the what little Issiah did in school is not important. Again, take it outside, or take the call later.

Despite common practice, it's big-time rude to speak/or text on the phone in any public place where others have to be distracted. Silence is golden–All cell phones, netbooks, iPads should be on silent or vibrate mode when you are in public.
You are NOT a paparazzi!!!!Take photos of colleagues and friends before your holiday party, but don’t whip out your camera phone during the party. NO blackmail pictures please.

Etiquette Divas Top 10 Netiquette ~ Always remember the Golden Rule.
Putting your phone away and paying attention to those talking to you? There’s an App for that. It’s called “ RESPECT”

  1. It is important to treat others with dignity and respect both on and offline.
  2. Use Emoticons - When communicating online, it can be difficult to gauge a writer's emotion.
  3. Be Brief Online - It is important to keep messages short and brief especially on FB or Twitter.
  4. DON’T SHOUT - No matter what forum, writing in all CAPITAL letters is considered SHOUTING and is considered very rude. A word or two in caps is fine.
  5. Pay Attention to Language Issues - Improper, inappropriate or bad language may get a participant upset.  It is also important to remember people from other countries may be participating in the conversation and language barriers may be an issue.
  6. Think Before Posting - It is important to note, what is posted online today, may come back and haunt the writer tomorrow.
  7. Don’t Drink and Post/Text. That silly or fun photograph posted on a social networking site, may keep that person from getting a job later on. Many colleges and employers are now searching your social networking sites prior to hiring.
  8. Keep Your Personal Information Private - Posting private and personal information in the wrong location can have serious consequences. Double check and make sure your children should not post private information online as well.
  9. Obey Copyright Laws = Don’t steal!
  10. " You never get a second chance to make the first impression "

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