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Impact of Color

Written by Liz Lew, 9 years ago, 0 Comments
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Contrast is a vital factor in impression management. When the onlooker's brain picks up contrast (color difference) it literally wakes up, and results in the person being remembered, listened to and taken notice of. When low contrast is worn, it can result in the wearer becoming almost 'invisible'.

  • High Contrast (bright, dark combinations). Power dressing often results in others feeling inferior.
  • Medium Contrast (light, dark combinations). This is the most people friendly and professional.
  • Low Contrast (little or no color difference between garments). This combination is seen as elegant and even at times fashionable, but in business or whenever 'presence' is required it can create a forgettable, boring and ineffectual appearance

Belt Width

Belts finish an outfit. They add a touch of glamour or excitement; create the illusion of a waist, or draw attention to a shapely asset.

The width of a belt will alter the perceived distance between the bust and waist.

Women with short torso (high waists) are best with medium to narrow belts

Low-waisted women who are also slender to slightly overweight can successfully wear wide belts, obis and sashes.

When purchasing belts your correct size will be the belt that comfortably closes on the 3rd hole.

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