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Written by Hubert Delany, 7 years ago, 0 Comments

Editor's Note: EPN Magazine is proud to present this first in series of profiles of Young Entreprenurs, kids who are shaping their generation through innovation, and enhancing awareness of the value of entrepreneurship.  Our first Young Entrepreneur  is David George Hanrahan, founder of  We wish David much success. -HD

David George Hanrahan IV

When David George Hanrahan IV was born, the world of technology was in a state of uncertainty. February of 2000 was a time of fear.  Y2K was an acronym synonymous with the potential catastrophic failure of our worlds computer systems. David's delivery into this world in February of 2000 was as successful as the Y2K transition. An entrepreneur at age 12, David is leveraging the fascination his generation has with mobile phones and video games to teach kids how to speak and write more effectively through hs invention iTextWars.

A preview of David's creativity surfaced when he first began speaking.  David knew the correct words for things, however he invented and used his own words for certain objects. For example a motorcycle was a tada and a pumpkin was a hutnow. David started drawing when he was very young. As he grew it was evident that his artistic talent was growing with him. He expressed his creativity and his expansive imagination through his artwork. David was very excited the first day he started school, prekindergarten. To this day he loves school and has been placed in upper-level honors classes.

David studies tae kwon do, is an accomplished drummer, and  lifts weights. He has been making creative movies using his father's video equipment since he was little and has recently completed a two week movie direction and video editing course at Harvard University. He is a talented artist, and uses a sophisticated editing software program to edit all of the movies he makes with his brother and his friends. David has always been inventive. His father, who is an inventor, has always encouraged David to share all of his new ideas.

David's Web-based Game,

One night David was in his room using his smartphone and decided to invent something. He focused on technology and his imagination came up with a game that was structured around texting and used a timer to see who could complete the text the fastest. He then thought that this game could be used to make his homework exciting, instead of the usual boring paperwork sheet. He brought this idea to his father and the rest is history.