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Written by Magdaline Delany, 8 years ago, 0 Comments

Do you believe that education about entrepreneurship is vital for students?   Should it become part of the teaching curricula as early as Middle or High Schools?

There is no doubt that education is an important partner in the success of America's  Entrepreneurs.   However,  education about entrepreneurship itself and the specific skills and perspectives it requires, is still a subject for debate.  Today, the option of introducing Entrepreneurship education still rests with each individual teacher.  For most educators, the decision is not an easy one for the simple reason that teachers generally do not typically  identify with the content. These educators have had little instruction on coaching entrepreneurship and have little time to learn about it on their own.

The thought of becoming an Entrepreneur while still in school is rather new to most educators. There is much to know about initiating a thriving business.  The most important knowledge often comes only through experience.

Regrettably, most adults will not seize the opportunity to gain knowledge about businesses until they are ready to start their own.  Therefore, the thought of teaching Entrepreneurship in Middle and High School remains contreversial.

However, studying entrepreneurship in school can be very beneficial as it allows each student to expand a distinctive business idea and carry out a plan of action through an entire business plan.

Most entrepreneurs feel that they would have benefitted greatly from increased awareness and training on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship-relaed subjects while in school.  They also feel that education on Entrepreneurship should be implented in fundamental grades as early as  junior high school.    Young people should have learning experiences that allow them to see owning a business as real opportunities for everyone.

Additionally, it is critical that youngsters learn more about the global economy and the workings of the free enterprise system.   Small business represents over 90 percent of all businesses, creates most of the new jobs, and is credited with most of the inventions in this country.  Awareness of the economy enables young people to make smarter career decisions and become more knowledgeable voters.

Essentially, training in entrepreneurship basics can help young people appreciate the fundamental realization that anyone can be an Entrepreneur in America and thereby take control over their own future, a realization that many believe is crucial for a thriving economy.


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Magdaline Delany is the President and Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network, Inc. Mrs. Delany holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance, a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, and a Master's Degree in School Administration and Supervision.