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About Us

Headquartered in New York City, Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network is the brainchild of Hubert and Magdaline Delany, out of their shared passion for creating new business ventures. Our mission is to promote and to celebrate  the spirit of entrepreneurship and to help share knowledge among entrepreneurs. EPN Magazine  is a cutting edge online publication designed to empower and inspire  entrepreneurs and professionals on a global scale.  We aim to deliver  a collection of compelling features on a myriad of  relevant topics and special current events to our eclectic and diverse targeted international audience that span across industries:  Entrepreneurs; Elite Professionals; Socialites; Thought Leaders; Artists; Entertainers; Educators; Lawyers; Philanthropists.

Hubert C. Delany - CEO and Co-Founder, EPN

Hubert Charles  Delany is an MIT Graduate and avid Entrepreneur.  He is the Co-founder and Vice President of CALM Energy Inc.  a technology company that conducts software research and development  for large utilities including Con Edison. CALM is in part funded by the Deprtment of Energy's SmartGrid program, and the New York State Energy Research and Development  Authority (NYSERDA).   Mr. Delany is also the co-founder of Oceanie Club, a new Tri-state area Floating Yacht Club with a fleet of vessels.

Mr. Hubert Delany has been a pillar in the field of technology that spans across 30 years.   He has served as a senior technology executive, industry analyst, software engineer, and hardware architect.   Mr. Delany served as Chief Technology Officer of a number of successful software-related internet companies including G2X software,  Backweb Technologies, and Onyx Sciences Corporation.
As an analyst, Mr. Delany served as Vice President of Equity Research at Lazard Freres, providing investment guidance and strategy advice to institutional software investors and advised on internet industry mergers and acquisitions.
Mr. Delany also served as Research Director of Internet Strategies for the Gartner Group, where he was a key advisor to IT executives across the Fortune 1000, and consulted for Gartner Group’s largest clients. While at Gartner Group, Mr. Delany was instrumental in launching the most successful research service in Gartner Group’s history, “Internet Strategies”.
An expert in graphics and visualization for massively parallel supercomputers, Mr. Delany has worked with many of the foremost research institutions and government laboratories in the world. His work has been featured in such publications as Supercomputing Review, Scientific American, and Time Magazine; at major industry conferences, and before key government audiences including members of the U.S.  Congress.
Mr. Delany received the Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from MIT in 1984.
Mr. Delany was involved in several startups that received lots of press: Thinking Machines Corporation (with W. Daniel Hillis), BackWeb Technologies, where he was Chief Technology Officer.

Magdaline M. Delany , President and Co-Founder

Maggie Delany is a Passionate, Dynamic, Visionary Leader with a strong  commitment to Youth Empowerment, Education, Women Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship! She demonstrates continuous dedication and excellence  in all endeavors that she partakes.
At a very young age Maggie Delany wanted to be an Entrepreneur!  Hence her earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance.  Upon graduation, she accepted a position in the Banking industry for two years.   However, her passion for Education brought her back to school to earn a Masters Degree n Elementary Education.  Upon earning her first Master's degree, Maggie Delany started her career as an Elementary School teacher.   As much as she enjoyed being in the classroom, Mrs. Delany wanted to have a broader impact as an Educator.   It did not take her long to earn a second Masters Degree in School Administration and Supervision.   Mrs. Delany served as an Assistant Principal for four years and is currently a dedicated  Principal of an Elementary School.
Throughout her career, Mrs.  Delany never lost her Zeal and Entrepreneurial spirit!  A trait that she credits to her dad.  During a recent interview, Mrs. Delany stated that "Everyone, regardless of your profession, should think and make decisions as an Entrepreneur!   Mrs. Delany always nurtured her creative and innovative ideas.  In April 2010,  she founded Oceanie Club., a floating Yacht/Sailing club created out of her desire to share her love of yachting with others who share her spirit of adventure.
Magdaline Delany believes in the amazing power of connecting people of diverse backgrounds and profession worldwide.    In 2010, Magdaline Delany and her husband Hubert Charles-Delany, founded Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network!  A mega networking group designed to Empower, Connect, Inspire and Support Entrepreneurs and Professionals worldwide!  In 2011, Maggie Delany created WEPN, Women  Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network, to provide women a forum to Empower others and be Empowered!


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